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Electronic Scanning

Document Storage & Retrieval A Problem?

If so, Electronic Scanning lets you hold 1000's of documents in the palm of your hand. 

Are you struggling to find the space to store or organise documents that must be kept for specified retention periods? Are you wasting valuable time searching for required documents? Having trouble sharing documents with other departments or branch offices?

Scanning offers you a cost-effective document storage and retrieval option that will give you instant access to all of your stored files

  • Secure protection for confidential documents
  • Organise and retrieve files easily
  • Free up expensive office space
  • Reduce time-consuming administration
  • Prevent lost or damaged documents
  • Having back-up files gives you peace of mind

OyezWaterlow offers you a choice. We provide the tools you need to set up and manage an internal scanning & storage system or you can choose to outsource to us.

Eyeball offers you Document Management in 3 easy steps:





Load your documents into the scanner and that's it!

Eyeball recognises that you have scanned a document and automatically presents you with a field entry screen.

Enter the data into the fields that you will search for when retrieving documents in the future.

The document and its field information are passed to the server ready for retrieval.    

Documents are available to view by all authorised colleagues.

In less than a minute you can scan, add fields, OCR Index and retrieve a document!


Eyeball Server - is an onsite server based solution providing you with a robust and secure method of archiving and retrieving paper and electronic documents

Eyeball Hosted - is an online solution with a small module loaded on each workstation.

Outsourced - if you prefer to outsource document scanning we can provide a service from start to finish that meets YOUR needs

We provide all the quality, all the functionality at less than half the price charged for comparable offers. We know that you will be impressed by how cost effective setting up a comprehensive document management system can be!

If you would like any further information on our Document Management Sytems please call us on 01908 361 111.

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