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Scanning & Electronic Storage

Looking for a cost-effective solution for document storage and retrieval?

Our specialist scanning service is the perfect solution for firms that are struggling to find the space to store or organise HR documents that must be kept for specified retention periods.  It offers cost-effective storage and easy retrieval options that allows fast access to all stored files:

Scanned documents can be returned to you stored on DVD’s or USB sticks that are capable of holding thousands of easily accessible pages. We can further enhance your files by offering Bookmarking and hyper-linking for quick document retrieval, viewing, sharing or printing.

  • Guaranteed security for confidential documents    
  • Organise and retrieve files easily
  • Free up expensive office space
  • Reduce time-consuming administration
  • Prevent lost or damaged documents
  • Having back-up files gives you peace of mind
  • Legally compliant
  • We know where your documents are from the time we pick them up to when we deliver them
Please call us for more information or a no-obligation quote. Our HR Essentials product specialist will be happy to help.

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